Where to rent a car in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev

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BLS company provides one of the best and affordable car rental services in Kiev. The company works every day, employees are ready to provide a car at any time, choosing a model that is most suitable for your tasks.

прокат авто

Car rental - nothing is easier

The need for removal of transport may arise in such situations:

  • business related objectives;
  • tourist destinations;
  • organization of transportation of wedding guests, as well as visitors to other events;
  • a trip to the station, to the airport.

In the cases listed above, it is usually cheaper and easier to rent a car than to use your own. For example, a tourist with much greater convenience will arrive at the place if he arrives by train or arrives by plane (having saved himself from long exhausting driving) and only rents a car in the target city. And if you use the car rental service in Kiev without a deposit to visit the airport, you will not have to puzzle about returning the car to the garage, or worry about the price of parking.

For business

Businessmen often need even several temporary use machines. It is unreasonable to organize your own fleet, unless regular use of cars is planned, because the maintenance costs are not commensurate with the rental cost. But there is always the possibility of booking a car by the right time, it will be served where it is necessary in the refilled state and with a clean interior.

На прокат для бизнеса

However, the point of view does not go out of fashion that it is expensive and troublesome to contact rental companies. Maybe it was before, but if you managed to establish contact with reliable professionals, such as BLS, then the likelihood of significant inconvenience is unlikely. Moreover, we have simplified the booking procedure as much as possible, when submitting an application through the site, substantial savings on rent can be made. The main thing is to report on when the car is needed (exact date and time), as well as the place of supply / return, so that the staff could help me choose such rental parameters of the car as passenger capacity, size, class, and others.

BLS is a 100% no-hassle warranty.

The company BLS has turned the car rental service into a convenient and affordable service that is not only easy to use, but also highly reliable. Among the benefits are:

  • only new cars, excellent technical condition;
  • there is plenty to choose from: modern foreign cars equipped with GPS-navigators, Wi-Fi, are fully insured;
  • thanks to the service, any red tape at the time of booking a car without collateral, rent a car for daily rent is excluded;
  • car feed without delay, with a clean interior, fully refilled;
  • Attractive prices: BLS tariffs save customers money, and without prejudice to comfort and safety.

What additional services does the car rental service offer?

  • GoPro cameras for hire, as well as child seats, GPS-navigators, Wi-Fi routers, video recorders, other gadgets;
  • a car rental service with a driver (terms and conditions are negotiated on an individual basis), a qualified employee is provided with sufficient driving experience;
  • cars for corporate clients (if the lease is long-term, then a car is purchased specially for the needs of the customer and preferential rates are applied);
  • hourly rental cars with flexible conditions and fast clearance.

Дополнительные услуги для проката

In BLS, you can rent a car to your taste and at an affordable price, in the company's fleet not only economy class, but also premium, minivans. You can get detailed information about the models in stock, as well as estimate the cost in advance, or by calling the telephone number listed on https://bls.ua/en.

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